Why choose us?

    We preserve the value in your documents

    Information is an important and valuable asset of your organization. To help you preserve this value, SCIO offers digital archiving solutions that follow international standards such as ISO 142171 (OAIS) or ISO 16175 (ICA-req) and include integrity check. As the file formats of your digital documents are becoming obsolete quickly, the preservation planning of SCIO will detect all the formats at risk and convert them to future proof formats that preserve your information’s readability without altering the document’s value.

    Our team knows what they are talking about

    When planning a digital archiving project, you want to surround yourself with a capable and reliable team of experts to efficiently reach your goal. Our team is fully aware of and trained in digital archiving and in new legal frameworks like GDPR and the Belgian Digital Act and is committed to help evolve the archival world. Their knowledge of both business context and archiving science, helps SCIO to provide the best fitted solution to your needs.

    We help you to get compliant

    Information is one of the most valuable assets for companies and the legal framework is evolving to control and provide protection to citizens. To comply to regulations like the GDPR, organizations have to be fully aware of information governance and are foreseen to implement technical and organizational solutions. With SCIO’s digital archiving solution you will be able to easily access personal identifiable information and manage retention periods better.


    One document access point

    SCIO’s digital archiving solution enables you to access all your archived documents and information and to manage roles and responsibilities through a single user interface. The dashboard will allow you to monitor each step of the process and control your archive storage and/or retention period. It’s also possible to audit every access and event applied to your documents and generate a report.

    Our metadata extraction module

    Integrity preservation is one of the key challenges for each digital archiving solution. SCIO fulfills this goal by using an automated metadata extraction module that documents the content and all the processes applied to documents. This metadata is then gathered into a preservation description information (PDI) file that follows metadata schema standards. This PDI file is preserved with the document to ensure long-term accessibility.

    Automated monitoring and conversion of old file formats

    To handle the risk of obsolescence, the digital archiving solution automatically identifies hundreds of file formats and provides you with appropriate advice and alerts regarding obsolescence risk. Based on this analysis, you can easily decide to convert all file formats while maintaining legal value and integrity.